PURELL hand sanitizer foot operated stand ( PURELL bottle 1.9L sold separately )

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Compatible with PURELL 9684-04 ( You can find picture in product gallery images )

PURELL 9684-04 sold separately.


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Do you want to make Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer spray available anywhere? If yes, then go for the Platinum medical systems Purell hand sanitizer foot operated stand.

Freestanding station, for convenience, making PURELL Instant Hand Sanitizer available anywhere

  • Suitable for use in high traffic areas, such as reception areas or cafeterias
  • Appealing mineral gray-color, sturdy, moveable stand
  • Foot operated and totally hand free ( NO TOUCH )
  • Assembled dimensions: 100cm height , with a 30cm x 30cm  square base
  • Compatible with the PURELL 1.89L (sold separately)


Purell hand sanitizer foot operated stand.

The Purell hand sanitizer foot operated stand is one of the amazing products offered by Dubai’s Platinum medical systems. The company provides medical supplies to Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, and the Entire UAE and serves as one of the reputable and reliable brands.

Key Features of Hand Sanitizer  foot operated stand

  • Sturdy stand
  • Easily moveable
  • 100cm height, with a 30cm x 30cm square base when assembled
  • Foot-operated that makes it even more special as you just need to press and the sanitizer is spray up without any hand touch
  • Compatible with the PURELL 1.89L (sold separately)


The Purell stand is amazing as it is recommended for areas with high traffic. This is ideal to place at offices, mall entrances, and cafeterias. The no-touch feature makes it really safe to use as no contaminations are passed onto each other. It completely serves the purpose of sanitization.

How to use the Purell Hand Sanitizer foot operated stand?

Let us see how you can keep your hands germ-free with the help of our amazing Purell Hand Sanitizer foot operated stand:

  • Remove all kinds of organic materials from your hands.
  • Just press the stand with the foot to operate the sanitizer.
  • A pre-measured amount of sanitizer will ooze out to your palm (sufficient to cover your hands)
  • Rub both your hands together while thoroughly covering the surface of your hands. You should also cover your fingers
  • Keep rubbing it until it gets absorb up.


Importance of Purell Hand Sanitizer foot operated a stand at public places.

Our hands serve as the quickest medium to transfer germs and bacteria within our body and to others. Hence keeping your hands clean is very important for our health and for other health as well. CDC’s Life is better with the Clean Hands campaign promotes hand sanitization and hence encourages everyone to clean hand frequently. Thus the use of Purell Hand Sanitizer foot operate upon a stand at public places is also recommended. People should take sanitize their hands frequently. They should make it a habit while coming in and out of the home, at offices, malls, and cafeterias. We all together can all in all make a collective effort to promote hand hygiene and encourage each other to sanitize, and the best sanitizers are offer upon by Platinum medical systems are of PURELL.




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30 x 30 x 100 cm




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