Hospital Medicine Trolley

1,465.00 AED

Price Excluding of Vat
  • Casters are made of high-strength polyurethane
  • Bottom of car body: luxury universal insert mute wheel two of which have brake function
  • Portable and Flexible

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Medicine Trolly Mainly composed of aluminium, steel and ABS engineering plastic structure; Plastic steel column four column bearing; 2.ABS arc bottom injection molding process with handrails on both sides, professional sharp box, can be placed at will, sag design to prevent items from falling, sag size: 512*433*12mm table with 304 stainless steel guardrails, with transparent soft glass Left side of the vehicle body: the defibrillator platform can be used for left and right exchange of infusion rack, and the hidden sub-workbench can be used for detachable file box Right side of the vehicle body: concealed telescopic infusion rack can be used for left and right exchange of defibrillator platform, sharp box, and double dirt bucket; Back of the car body: defibrillation board, concealed telescopic oxygen cylinder bracket, mobile power cord

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