NOMU Smart Contactless Sanitizer Dispenser

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• Fully Automated  & Contactless

• Integrated with 4 Smart Sensors

• 2 x Wide Angle Nozzle for Maximum Coverage

• Prevent Virus Travel in Aerosols

• Sleek, Modern & Compact Design

• Safe Human Resource

• Cable Free  (Approx 4000 times / set of AA battery)

• Flexible mounting  options

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NOMU Smart Contactless Sanitizer Dispenser A1 350ml Smart Infrared Sterilizer Sprayer for Door Elevator Bathroom Car Disinfection – White

Can fix on the wall or put it on the stand

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NOMU Smart Contactless Sanitizer Dispenser content:

1 Smart dispenser, 3 AAA batteries, 3M double side sticker & 1 stand

Can be used with any type of LIQUID SANITIZER AND ALCOHOL

Smart sensor

Automatic smart induction operation, only need to put your hand under it, it will automatically spray disinfectant according to your hand.

Dual nozzle

Dual nozzle, NOMU Infrared Sanitizer was designated a disinfectant water spray outlet on the side and bottom. The side nozzle is mainly used for disinfection of moving objects such as human hands and courier packaging. The downward nozzle is mainly for the position of the door handle ,and back up for side nozzle.

Customize spray metering

Volume adjustment design, you can adjust the spraying volume according to your needs, no matter filled with a pot of disinfectant, or large dose .This device can also be sprayed 400 times, small volume spray can be sprayed 600 times, It is enough to meet weekly spray disinfection need.

Away Mode (Unmaned)

When the product detect that an object is approaching within a distance of 0-100CM, it immediately enters the state to be sprayed and guides the approaching object to leave. After a delay of one second, the item is sprayed once. During the entire process of object approaching and leaving, the product is only sprayed once. This mode is suitable for :elevators and toilets.

People Mode

In the people mode, when the product detect that an object is approaching within a distance of 0-50CM, it will immediately spray disinfectant, from the object approaching to leaving, only spray once.

Manual Adjustment Mode

Users can also manually spray an unlimited number of times according to your needs.

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Sanitizer dispenser




One year against manufacturer defects


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