Omron M2 Basic Blood Pressure Monitor

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Omron M2 Basic is an easy to use Blood Pressure Monitor. Use this BP monitor at home and prevent future health problems. Monitor your blood pressure with Omron M2 and keep your heart in check. Omron M2 blood pressure monitor features Intellisense technology, which ensures that the arm cuff reaches the correct inflation and doesn’t pump up too high. It is easy to use, and its fully automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor gives you comfortable, quick, and accurate blood pressure monitoring. Also, the M2 Basic Blood Pressure Monitor is clinically validated and has a hypertension indicator that alerts you if the reading is higher than the recommended blood pressure level of 135/85 mmHg. Also, the Omron M2 has undergone several tests conducted by various doctors ensuring the accuracy of the measurement. The Omron M2 Basic has a standard size cuff for arm circumference 22cm to 32cm. Ensure that the Omron BP monitor is wrapped around your arm properly for a correct reading. Intellisense Equipped with Intellisense, an advanced technology for blood pressure measurement, the OMRON PB Monitor gives a precise reading with every use. The Intellisense monitor inflates the cuff to the adequate level to ensure that each reading offers a personlized detail of the blood pressure of the user. Easy To Use No adjustments are required by the user to select an inflation level, and its Easy Cuff allows you to position the cuff more easily. Also, it comes with a last reading memory feature that lets you check the previous reading for comparison. Omron’s one button operation makes it a user friendly must have equipment to keep your health in check. Accurate and Dependable Tested for precision against the clinical guidelines for measuring blood pressure specified by the European Society of Hypertension, the OMRON blood pressure monitor is a reliable gadget. Equipped with a clinically validated monitor, this BP monitor renders an accurate reading.

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  • Brand: Omron
  • Type: Blood Pressure Monitor
  • It is easy to use, and its fully automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor gives you comfortable


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