PURELL Hand Sanitizer Dispenser TFX Touch Free, Dove Gray

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one-year guarantee. Touch-free, trouble-free dispensing system for Purell instant hand sanitizer (gel or foam). Holds one large 1200ml refill. Dispenser features a skylight with an extra large window that makes it easy to see when it’s time to reload

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The Purell Hand Sanitizer Dispenser brought to you by PME supplies you with a premeasured hand sanitizer amount.It serves great for preventing wastage. This particular dispenser is wall mounted for convenient and hands-free access and can be reloaded as required. These ADA compliant dispensers are ideal for restrooms, doorways, and areas with high traffic in facilities like schools, hospitals, etc.


The Platinum Medical systems’ Purell Hand Sanitizer Dispenser has the following features:

  • one-year guarantee
  • hand-free, the trouble-free dispensing system
  • it can hold a 1200ml refill
  • It features a skylight with a window so that you know when to refill it.
  • This TFX dispenser is ADA compliant for a hands-free sanitization of your hands.
  • Ideal for high traffic areas like health care facilities, schools, malls, and other public areas.

Purell is among the most trusted brands that bring you efficient and skin-friendly sanitizers. These sanitizers kill 99.9% of germs while conditioning your skin. Its sanitizing productsare designed for different situations and are all meant to prevent the spread of germs.

Why Get your Purell Products from PME?

This Purell hand sanitizer dispenser with amazing features is brought to you from the most trusted brand by Platinum Medical systems. It will effectively maintain a sanitary environment in public places in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, and Entire UAE. You can also check out our range of other products to ensure your hygiene.

If you are looking for hand sanitizers etc., then you can browse our inventory of premium products at affordable rates. Whether you run a medical facility, an educational facility, or any other public place, these sanitizer dispensers will be perfect. Because they safeguard your employees, students, and customers from germs. Its hands-free feature makes it particularly functional in public places so that no one touches it yet maintains their hygiene.

Premium Purell Hands-free Sanitization at your Doorstep

Go ahead and get this Purell Hand Sanitizer Dispenser. It provides automated hand sanitization for your hospital, supermarket, restrooms in public places, and virtually any other place in UAE. It delivers the right amount to everyone without using their hands for pushing a button or lever. Not only does it prevent germs spreading. But it also brings peace of mind to your customers/employees that they didn’t touch any surface. It also make your employees feel valued as you cared enough for them to invest in these premium-dispensing systems. Go ahead and choose the ones that suit your needs best and get your hands germs-free!

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