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Benefits of Good Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers


We all have to keep our hands clean. For this, we wash our hands multiple times a day with water and soap. If we do not wash them, they can carry germs. They can also transfer germs to the mouth, eyes, nose, or other parts of the body. Although it is good to wash hands with water and soap, it is not always an option to wash them. At times, you are in places where there is no water and soap, and you need to clean your hands. In such a situation, a good and worthy alternative is to use Hand Sanitizers.

Hand sanitizer is not only effective in killing germs, but it is convenient to use as well. Experts always recommend to use such hand sanitizers, which contain at least 60 percent alcohol.

Is Hand Sanitizers More Effective Than Handwashing?

A hand sanitizer may provide various benefits over handwashing with water and soap. If organic matter is visible on your hands, using hand sanitizer will not be effective. Before applying the hand sanitizer, make sure that all the visible organic matter is removed. After the removal of dirt, put a few drops of sanitizer on your hands. Rub your hands together, covering all sides of your hands and fingers. Rub your hands until they become dry.

In this post, we will cover the benefits of a hand sanitizer. You will come to know which sanitizer you should use. Moreover, you can also get to know what the best hand sanitizer manufacturers in UAE are. So, let’s take a deep dive into this post.

Hand Sanitizer Benefits

It cleans or sanitizes our hands

hand sanitizer

The first and foremost benefit of a hand sanitizer is that it can clean or sanitize our hands. Washing hands with soap and water will remove germs and bacteria from hands. But hand sanitizer can kill germs and bacteria.

Some good hand sanitizers are quite effective in killing germs and bacteria. So, you can use them as a replacement for washing hands with soap and water.


Kill bacteria or microorganisms

There are mainly two types of bacteria on your hands. Resident bacteria live under a thin layer of skin. On the other hand, transient bacteria are present on the surface of the skin. Hand sanitizers are effective in killing transient bacteria that live on the surface of the skin.

But to kill bacteria or microorganisms from your hands, it is important to use hand sanitizer with alcohol. The reason is alcohol-based sanitizers can kill microorganisms more effectively.

You can take a hand sanitizer with you on the go.

hand sanitizer

In situations when you need to wash your hands, you cannot always find a sink to wash your hands. Or think of the long lines or far away restrooms. When waiting for the sink is inconvenient, the best option is to use hand sanitizer. And guess what? You can take a hand sanitizer with you even on the go. Most hand sanitizers come in small plastic bottles, so you can carry them with you in your purse or bag.

In short, portability makes the hand sanitizers a good choice to protect your hands from germs.

It is good to use for sensitive skin.

There are many soaps in the market that may cause irritation or itching on sensitive skin. Instead of using such soaps (which you can mostly find in public restrooms), it is better to use hand sanitizer.

What is the best hand sanitizer in the UAE?

Purell is the best hand sanitizer brand available in UAE. Most medical experts recommend to use the Purell hand sanitizers. All the hand sanitizers by Purell make the protection against germs so easy. They are quite effective in killing 99.99 percent of germs and bacteria that may cause illness. Most Purell hand sanitizers come in small plastic bottles. So, it is very easy to carry such sanitizers with you on the go.

They are not only available in liquid form but in gel or foam as well. They not only contain germ-protection formula but are super moisturizing as well because they contain nourishing skin-conditioning agents. In this way, it is completely safe to use Purell hand sanitizers. The reason is they cannot damage skin even after repeated use.

Following are a few of the hand sanitizing products offered by Purell:

Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer


There are many benefits of hand sanitizers, from killing germs and bacteria to sanitizing our hands. If we talk about the best hand sanitizer supplier in Dubai, Sharjah, and other UAE areas, it is Purell. Purell is the number one hand sanitizer available in UAE. It can not only kill germs and bacteria but is soft on hands as well.

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