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The Best Hand Sanitizer Brand Available in Dubai – UAE

On the lookout for the best hand sanitizer brand in UAE? Did you just say yes? Cleaning hands is very important. Some surfaces like door handles, shopping carts, etc. are the most touched surfaces. In this way, they have a high volume of germs on them. To kill such harmful germs or microbes, you need to wash hands with soap and water.

Life is moving fast. As a result, washing hands with soap and water is not always an option. There are situations where you cannot wash your hands easily. As a result, in such situation, another viable option is to use hand sanitizers. Now more and more people are considering using good-quality hand sanitizers. There are various hand sanitizers available in the market. Therefore, it is better to use such sanitizers that contain at least 60 percent alcohol.

Hand sanitizers with alcohol are usually the best. Because, they can kill bacteria or viruses. They are safe with 60 to 80 percent Isopropyl or Ethyle. The alcohol in the sanitizer can make bacteria ineffective. You can use it as an alternative to soap and water.

Platinum Medical Systems offers a wide range of high-quality medical products. Here you can buy good-quality medical supplies online. It is a one-stop-shop for hospitals and home care medical supplies. Today’s article is all about the hand sanitizer manufacturers in UAE. Here, we will share the top best hand sanitizer that you can purchase in the UAE.

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The Best Hand Sanitizer Brand

Purell – a brand preferred by most doctors, producers and consumers!

Do you know the Purell are 99.99 percent effective in killing germs? Yes, it is true! The Purell hand sanitizers can not only kill germs. They are also gentle, soft, and refreshing to use.

Most of its hand-care products include:


Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer

The Purell Advance Hand Sanitizer contains naturally-renewable ethanol. The ethanol can effectively kill germs and contagious microbes, which may result in illness. It comes in a plastic squeeze bottle. This bottle is perfect to store in bag packs. It makes the product easy to carry while traveling.

The Purell consists of a skin-friendly formula. This formula makes it gentle to use on the hands.

Put a few drops on your palm. Rub your hands until completely dry.

Purell Advanced Aloe Scent

This hand sanitizer by Purell contains an effective formula. This formula is free from preservatives that may cause skin irritation. In this way, it makes your skin feel soft and refreshed. They can really kill 99.99 percent of illness-causing germs.

Purell Singles Advanced Hand Sanitizer Gel

Sanitize your hands by using Purell Singles Advanced  Gel. It comes with a no-leak design. All you need to do is bend the pack and put a little amount of gel on your hands.

The Purell Singles Advanced Hand Sanitizer Gel is skin-friendly. All the hand sanitizers of Purell come in handy bottles and dispensers. As a result, you can protect you and your family from germs at any place.

It is very important to use hand sanitizers properly.

Other Purell hand sanitizing products are:

  • Advanced Hand Sanitizer Gel with Pump
  • Purell Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Touch Free
  • Everywhere System Starter Kit
  • PURELL hand sanitizer foot operated stand



Purell is the number one hand sanitizer supplier in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc. Its sanitizers are not only effective in killing germs and microbes. They are also great to use. Get Purell right now. Get ready to help the ones you care to kill germs on their hands!

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