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Purell hand sanitizers: UAE’s Best Hand Sanitizer Brand

Purell hand sanitizer is the most effective germ killer that is harsh on germs but soft on hands. In 1988, Gojo industries invented Purell hand sanitizers. These sanitizers received wide appreciation and greater acceptance by the general public. Due to being a highly quality-focused brand, Purell hand sanitizers soon started to grow and sell throughout the world. In Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Ajman, Purell hand sanitizers are the most selling hand sanitizers. So far, the number of hand sanitizer manufacturers in UAE has grown at a rapid rate. They specialize in purell hand sanitizer spray, and also in purell hand sanitizer dispenser and Purell hand sanitizer refill.

Due to the overwhelming response from people, it has become one of the top-rated and highly-recommended hand sanitizer UAE brand. Purell distinguish its hand sanitizer spray from other hand sanitizer supplier in Dubaiby offering special features and benefits. Let’s learn about what they are.

Purell hand sanitizers: Features

Purell hand sanitizer UAE comes with the following fantastic features!


Pump Spray and squeeze bottles for easy use

The best feature of Purell hand sanitizer is that it comes with a pump spray bottle. The pump spray on the sanitizer bottle makes it easier to use the hand sanitizer multiple times. Additionally, it keeps the use of Purell hand sanitizer easy for people as they don’t have to open the bottle-caps. Instead, they can just press the pump and get the sanitizer quickly on their hands.  Squeeze bottles (Purell advanced hand sanitizer squeeze bottle-30ml) is available in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and at other locations.

Comes in a variety of sizes

Another amazing feature of Purell hand sanitizer UAE is that it comes in varying quantities in different sizes of bottles. In this way, it offers greater choice and freedom to the people to choose their desired bottle. For example, one may choose a smaller bottle to keep in handbag while a larger bottle to keep in office/house. Similarly, one may choose a smaller bottle if he has a limited budget at a time. However, he may buy a larger bottle when he has a flexible budget.

Most competitive prices

Additionally, Purell hand sanitizer Dubai offers the most competitive prices to the people. It is available at the most economical prices so that everyone can easily afford and buy it several times. As compared to other hand sanitizer supplier in Dubai, Purell has a clearer pricing strategy.  Other emirates with this transparent and clear pricing include in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, and Abu Dhabi.

Free of parabens, phthalates, and harsh chemicals

Its most admiring feature is that it is free of any parabens, preservatives, harsh chemicals, and phthalates. These properties make Purell hand sanitizer as the most reliable, effective, and skin-friendly germ killer.

Easy and quick refills

Finally, Purell hand sanitizer spray is very easy to use and refill. You can easily buy hand sanitizer spray, and purell hand sanitizer refill from purell hand sanitizer supplier in Dubai.

Purell hand sanitizers Benefits

Along with all the features, Purell hand sanitizers also offer the following incredible benefits!

Make hands soft

Due to their moisturizing properties, these hand sanitizers keep hand soft. Whenever you use the purell hand sanitizer, it won’t cause any dryness to your skin. The conditioners added into this hand sanitizer would promote good skin health by balancing moisture and water content of skin.

Kill 99.9% germs

Purell advanced hand sanitizers kill 99.9% of the germs. Unlike soaps and hand-washes that just remove the germs, this hand sanitizer completely kills the germs. As a result, it restricts the germs from developing resistance.

Beautiful fragrance

The use of purell hand sanitizer UAE would leave a beautiful but soft/mild fragrance on your hands. Smelling to this fragrance would give you a happy and soothing feeling and help in uplifting your mood.

Enhance greater wellbeing

Last but not least, as these hand sanitizers from purell kill almost all of the germs, they promote greater wellbeing. Especially in public settings as in hospitals and clinics, these purell hand sanitizers are the must-have.

When to use Purell hand sanitizers?


According to research, the best option to get rid of germs is to wash hands with soap and water. However, if soap and water are not available near you, the use of purell hand sanitizers is the best choice. They will kill off the germs from your hands while enabling you to enjoy greater health. For high traffic areas and public places, Purell high traffic foot operated stand is highly recommended. It is because it helps people in avoiding hitting public touch points.

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