Surgical Suction Askir 230 with battery back up 12V

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  • Overall Dimensions: 350mm(L) x 210mm(H) x 180mm(W)
  • Capacity: 16lper minute
  • Battery Life: 45-50 min
  • Battery Time Charge: 120 -150 min
  • Functioning: Continuous
  • Unit Weight: 4.9kg
  • Voltage: 230V : 50Hz / 12V DC battery
  • Power Consumption: 50VA
  • Maximum Vacuum: -0.75BAR
  • Standard Accessories: 1lautoclavable jar (max temp. 120° C)
  • Cover with safety float
  • Silicone tubes set 6 x 10mm
  • Tube connectors
  • Aspiration probe CH20
  • Antibacterial Filter

Quality Standard

  • CE
  • Class II device
  • Type B Device
  • Electric Safety Standards EN 60601-1
  • Safety requirements for suction units
  • UNI EN ISO 10079-1

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  • Mixed power supply 230V AC and 12VDC
  • Easily transportable
  • Suitable for tracheomized patients, minor surgical applications, nasal aspiration, oral aspiration and tracheal aspiration of body fluids.
  • A series of LED on the front control panel signals whether the machine is operating, as well as the charge and re-charge status of the batteries.

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Weight4 kg


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Suction unit


One year against manufacturer defects


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