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  • 2 C size batteries
  • Type C batteries ensures a long-lasting performance
  • Duracell batteries are multi-purpose alkaline batteries suited for everyday devices
  • This battery is 100 percent checked against leakage
  • It provides suitable power for devices like Medical Devices, HP toys, flashlights, etc
  • Duracell C batteries are multi-purpose alkaline batteries ideal for reliably powering everyday devices that require a kick of additional power

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Duracell manufactures alkaline batteries in many common sizes, such as AAA, AA, C, D, and 9V. Lesser-used sizes such as AAAA (primarily for pagers, penlights, and blood glucose meters) and J size batteries (for hospital devices and photographic strobe flash units) are also manufactured along with a range of “button” batteries using zinc-air, silver-oxide, and lithium chemistries, used in calculators, watches, hearing aids, and other small (mostly medical-related) devices. Duracell entered into a brand licensing agreement with flash memory manufacturer Dane-Elec in 2008 for a line of products including memory cards, hard drives and USB flash drives with the Duracell brand mark and in the brand’s trademark “copper top” coloring. Duracell also manufactures specialty batteries, including NiMH rechargeable batteries and batteries for cameras, watches, hearing aids, etc. Their two main battery brands are “CopperTop (Plus),” marketed as longer-lasting, and “Ultra,” directed mainly at users of digital devices and devices that need more power. Duracell also has a line of lithium batteries and products, now manufactured outside of the U.S. A Duracell Procell AA box with the battery superimposed. In recent years, Duracell’s innovations expanded to include new battery designs with their prismatic batteries, which are prismatic in shape rather than cylindrical. Prismatic cells were made available in both alkaline and lithium designs. In 2006, Duracell introduced “Power Pix” batteries with NiOx technology, designed to supply longer life in digital cameras and other high-drain devices by up to twice the number of photos typically achievable with alkaline batteries. Duracell batteries are also bulk packaged for end-users under the brand name “Industrial by Duracell” (previously “Duracell Procell”). In the 1980s, the company briefly had a line of flashlights called Durabeam. The flashlights were marketed as being much stronger (the spokesperson turned the flashlight on, then spiked it like a football on the pavement to demonstrate), and brighter than an ordinary flashlight.

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