GOJO Space Saver Dispenser for 1000 mL Refills

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  • Lifetime manufacturer guarantee
  • Compatible with 1000-mL GOJO refill pouches for convenience

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GOJO 2130-06 NXT Space Saver Dispenser for 1000 mL Refills is a premium quality dispenser that is used for dispensing hand sanitizer UAE. This hand sanitizer UAE dispenser by Platinum medical systems comes with a lifetime manufactures guarantee. You can fix it anywhere at your home, in offices, hospitals, and other public places.

Key features of GOJO 2130-06 NXT Space Saver Dispenser/ Hand sanitizer UAE

  • Wall-mounted
  • The design is compact and takes less wall space.
  • ADA compliant and easily fixable away from sinks
  • It can hold a 1000ml Purell refill.
  • Easy to use; just a push and a measured amount ooze out at your palm.


Platinum Medical Systems is a well-known brand that supplies various medical equipment, devices,  hand care products, spill kits, and other related products to Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, and the Entire UAE with a vision to lead as a supplier of health care products. The hand sanitizers UAE, offers the best quality that can kill 99.99 per cent of germs on the hands. The dispensers that it provides are of the best quality and colour with excellent material that is durable and reliable.

So, if you are looking for a dispenser to fix in your restroom or at your office entrance, choose GOJO 2130-06 NXT Space Saver Dispenser as it is of good quality and is durable.


Hand hygiene is extremely crucial so fix dispensers and train people around you to keep their hands sanitized to stop the spread of germs. Dispensers make it easy for people to keep the hand clean as just a small drop of hand sanitizer serves the purpose. You just need to refill the dispenser with the sanitizer and continue to enjoy clean hands. Always remember, clean hands save life. Platinum Medical Systems has all the details on its web page. Just go to the website, and the professional team is there to guide you completely about the product and uses it. So just choose Platinum Medical Systems for buying the best health care products.


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